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Gustav makes it easy for staffing
firms to manage their sub-vendor relationships.

Streamline the creation and distribution of job requisitions and assignments to your sub-vendor community.
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Replace your manual vendor management process with Gustav.

We have developed a vendor management platform configured for the recruitment industry, allowing recruiters to manage their sub-vendor community more effectively.

The one-stop shop to manage your suppliers and validate their candidates

Gustav’s technology simplifies your daily operations by putting everything you need in one place.

Export a role from your ATS, create a new requisition or load a template. Standardise the information shared for every requisition.

Group your suppliers, communicate with them all clearly and uniformly and have open Q&A's.

Enjoy real time visibility into sub vendor activity and access their candidate pools. Drag and drop ATS makes it easy for the team to collaborate and hire smarter.

One click interview scheduling gets you all together faster, and integrations for your favourite testing and verification services keeps it simple. Ensure the interviewed candidate is is the one that starts the job.

Manage process, compliance and record keeping and keep all required documentation in one secure location.

If you need our time capture tool no problems, if you already have one or use your clients, we can integrate.

All sub vendor invoices received and validated through our platform. Match invoices to hours worked.

All the data we capture leads to insight and innovation. Faster, Better and Cheaper? Yes, you can.