Permanent placement and temporary staffing at your fingertips? Gustav helps you find your perfect candidate.

Jule, Consultant
Jule, Consultant
Frank, Electrician
Frank, Electrician
Tanja, Chef
Tanja, Chef
Tom, Assistent
Tom, Assistent

Finding staff for more than 216 industries

Gustav searches among thousands of recruiters to find you the perfect candidate in no time – whatever your industry.

  • Education
  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Sales
  • Customer Support
  • Customer Service
  • Assistants
  • Secretaries
  • Administration
  • Science
  • Research
  • University Professions
  • Consulting
  • Management Consulting
  • HR Consulting
  • IT Services
  • IT Programming
  • IT Network Admin
  • Procurement Professions
  • Logistics
  • Warehouse Management
  • Skilled Labot
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Industrial Production
  • Financial Services
  • Banking Services
  • Insurance Professions
  • Leadership and Upper Management
  • Middle Management
  • Senior Management
  • Resaurant Staff
  • Hotel Staff
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Graphics Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Creative Design

Whether temporary or permanent – we’ll find the people to fit your requirements. Try Gustav today!

Temporary staff

A big new order to fill, a busy transition period, or maybe just some short-term assistance? Gustav connects employers to the people they need.

Permanent recruitment

Are you looking for a perfect long-term addition to your team? Gustav makes your search faster and more effective.

How can Gustav help you?

Welcome to the future of staffing and recruitment. Hundreds and thousands of candidates – carefully selected by the best recruitment agencies in your area.

Easy to use

Gustav offers special tools to make your recruitment process more organized and effective in just five simple steps.

Step 1:

Create your ad in just a few clicks ... And now relax. Our expert recruiters will take care of things from here.

Step 2:

It won’t be long before we start sending you a selection of profiles of hand-picked candidates who meet your criteria. Track the progress of your search in real-time via the Applicant Tracking System.

Step 3:

Select your top three candidates and invite them to an interview to get to know each other.

Step 4:

Once you’ve found your perfect candidate, our HR specialists will help you to clarify additional details and send the candidate an offer.

Step 5:

Once the recruiter has accepted your offer, the transaction is completed – and you can welcome a new face to your organization.

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What does Gustav cost?

Searching for a candidate via Gustav costs you nothing – you only pay the pre-arranged commission fee when we find the right person for you.
You won’t need to pay to use any of the provided resources, going through applicants, and interviewing them. Only once the personnel service provider accepts your offer, the personnel service provider receives the set amount of commission.

Gustav success stories

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Everything on one platform

Gustav lets you manage all of your interactions with recruiters in one place.